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  • Overview
    GENUV is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in new drug development for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, immune disease, and cancer through the innovative use of new drug discovery platforms.

  • Capabilities
    Over 70% of employees hold advanced (Ph.D. or equivalent) degrees. GENUV takes pride in the culture of open innovation that encourages active collaboration with external partners to pursue extensive research built upon our new drug discovery technologies.

  • People
    GENUV is led by a strong management team with experience and expertise in all stages of the new drug development process and patent and business strategy design, supported by an advisory group comprised of leading domestic and global experts.


CNS Drug Screening Platform

GENUV’s proprietary drug screening platform technology is an efficient tool that enables the quick and precise identification of compounds that induce the neural stem cells in the human brain to differentiate into neurons.

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Human Antibody Shine Mouse Platform

Based on proprietary transgenic mouse technology, GENUV is developing a next-generation human antibody discovery platform technology that can serve the evolving demands of today’s global market that require mouse models with a greater variety of antibodies to identify complex targets.

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